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They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words – how true this is can never be overemphasized. Imagine what you can do with a versatile platform that’s undoubtedly one of the best photos–sharing social media sites, best free image hosting websites, one of the best open web hosting site, and file-hosting sites out there – trust me, you don’t have to imagine anymore. is one versatile that lets you do amazing things with your photo. Do you love travelling and taking memorable photos? By the way, that’s not the only thing you can do with it – it’s the main reason why we came up with this piece to share with you some of the features of this online platform – bezoek hier.


What is

Another perfect way to describe is like a combination of Pinterest and Image Shack. Hold on, let me explain…

In one way, is the ideal site to share images that can be viewed in different categories such as ‘city,’ ‘people,’ ‘animals,’ ‘nature,’ and ‘casino.’ So, in this instance, it’s your go-to site for all types of quality images. Interestingly, you can vote up or down on different photos and post comments on various photos. Industries like movie, media, gaming and casinos, needs large amount of space to host their images, videos and slot games. But before we go into all of its benefits, let’s talk about some of the site’s features.

What makes the thick?

Photo-sharing social media site

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent photo-sharing social media site. There are few quality social media sites for photographers out there, and is one of them. If you want to build your tribe on a photo-sharing social media sites with sharp and quality photos, this is one platform to consider. One of the best reasons to try is the fact that it’s designed for everyone. Remember, all you have to do is sign up and voila. It doesn’t only cater to photographers. It has a little spin on it, the fact that you can vote up or vote down a particular photo makes it more fun. People with different interests still have the chance to share these interests in the form of pictures, while others view their pleasure. Imagine having a platform that lets you share your work while people who value it get to hire you.

Free image-hosting website

When you want to share a photo or a unique gallery with a potential client or your loved ones, the best way to go about it is by making use of a reliable image hosting site. With an image-hosting website, you get to upload, share, and store your files. Even though there are lots of such sites out there, what makes different? Its pretty simple, while others claim to offer premium service by charging you a lot,, on the other hand, provide the same services for free.

With, you get to upload JPG, JPEG, APNG, or GIF filename formats. The platform supports a non-animated file type with a size of up to (insert file size here). The exciting part is that it lets you share these same pictures on some of the top social media sites such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and via Mail platforms (checkout out: Youtube to mp3 download sites).

Asides being a free image hosting, photo sharing, web hosting, free file hosting and sharing web site, what else can you do with this site? It’s also an open web hosting platform.

Free web-hosting website

There is always that fine print when it comes to the web – hosting platforms. While there are sites that offer web hosting services for a price, there are other sites on the other side of the divide that provide free web hosting services for free. But most times, these open web – hosting platforms don’t usually offer quality services, and on the other hand, there paid-for web hosting platforms are expensive. This is where comes in. This free web-hosting site provides premium services for free – how amazing is that?

File – hosting services

We’ve probably mentioned a whole lot of things that you can do with this fantastic platform, but that’s not all. If you are in search of a versatile file – hosting platform that offers meticulous desktop organizing and digital hoarding capabilities. is one automatic cloud-based file syncing online platform that works across all devices. It helps you manage your files and folders, so you don’t have to worry about searching aimlessly for files that are far beyond your reach simply because you’ve got a disorganized filing system on your PC. You now can manage your data from mobile apps to desktop files. See this as a social component to file sharing and file hosting. With it, you get to share files with other users. You can share data such as apps, music, images, videos, and other files. You don’t have to worry about file expiration; they get this handled effectively – saved files are essential, and the platform developers understand this fact too.

Can anyone upload photos to

One common question people tend to ask about is if it is open for all users. Of course. One great thing about is that ANYONE (yes, you heard that right), anyone can contribute to the platform, all you have to do is sign up, and you will gain access to some of the site’s privileges. It doesn’t matter if you are new to photography or you’ve got many years of experience. The photos are usually screened for quality control before sharing them publicly on the site.


In a nutshell, is a dedicated photo-sharing, file-hosting, web-hosting, free image-hosting social media website. Currently, you have to signup or login to enjoy to entire features of the site. Now, you have a platform that lets you express yourself by taking quality pictures. We are here to attend to all your needs in case you’ve got questions you’d love to ask. Our customer support team will be glad to hear from you – there’s no other reason why we are here – but for you.

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