Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of files are allowed and how large can they be?

We allow .jpg/.jpeg/.gif/.bmp/.png/.tif/.tiff files. Maximum size for .gif is 1024000 bytes, 2560000 bytes for all other file types.

A user can have a maximum of 500 files.

Can I have more than one account?

No, every user should have only one account.

My files disappeared from My Files but still load. How can I get the listing back?

If your files are still loading, but missing at My Files, most likely you have lost your xs.to cookie

Some files disappeared from My Files and are no longer loading. Why?

If some files disappeared from your My Files listing, our abuse team may have deleted them. Check our Terms of Service before you use this service.

All my files display a “404 not found” image. What’s going on?

If all your files display “404 not found”, please check My Files to see if your account has been banned. Check our Terms of Service before you use this service.

Why does your system tell me my file already exists? If have not uploaded it before!

You may be correct, but another person may have uploaded a file with the same name before. Please rename your file or try again 24 hours later. We open up a new directory every day.

Can I delete previously uploaded files?

Yes, at My Files.

I cannot upload any more – “Upload disabled for account (…)” – what’s this?

Check this FAQ. I have another question! Contact us at support@xs.to

I deleted/lost my xs.to cookie. How can I get it back?

If you have registered and verified your email address at My Account, you can use the retrieve form at the same place to log back into your account.

We can not help you via email, please register your email address.

One of my images it is not loading correctly – why?

Your browser may have cached a broken image. Try to refresh using CTRL+F5.

I’d like to report abuse. Who should I contact?

Contact our abuse team at (Images may still load after deletion if they are in your browser cache. Try to refresh with CTRL+F5)

Why does xs.to “reserve the right to send email to my registered email address”?

Don’t worry, we don’t plan to send you spam or something. xs.to needs your acknowledgement because of data protection laws. Currently we do not have a newsletter or something, but just in case we send something to your address, we need you acknowledgement.

The login link from my registration email is not working!?

The link you receive in your registration email is used for email validation purposes, but you can not use it to login to your account.

If your lose your registration cookie a “retrieve login info” form is available at My Account, use this to get your login link.

How can I resize images?

We recommend IrfanView to resize images.

Does xs.to allow direct linking (“hot linking”)?

Yes, of course. If possible, try to use thumbnails to decrease our bandwidth cost.