How to Play Slingo Rainbow Riches


Slingo is quite simple to play, and if you’ve got any experience of playing the Bingo game, then you are already halfway there. Although, if you’ve never played the Bingo or slots, you need not worry about the Slingo, as it is really to pick up and quick to learn. The game is excellent for anyone who wants to learn to play.

Slingo rainbow riches begins when you spin the reels associated reek which is usually found at the bottom of the screen. Generally speaking, there are twenty spins per game of Slingo, though you have to be sure to check this out right before playing rainbow riches.

The concept of the game is that you are spinning the reel and the numbers which appear on the slot’s reel are the numbers you can check off the Bingo style card. As you need to know how to cross different variations of numbers off on when you play the game, that’s why many Bingo and slots game lovers have lots of fun with the game because it’s both of their favourite games combined and they feel more in total control.

Sometimes, it is possible for the twenty spins of the reel to correlate to all twenty numbers on your card, and it can lead to a significant cash prize. It is rare but possible and hugely exciting when that happens.

Winning Slingo – Increasing Your Chances

There are twenty numbers on a Slingo card; for this reason, you want to get as many of them marked off as possible. Most times, it is an anxious finish as you are so close to completing your card. Then, your spins will run out! What do you do in this case? Usually, you can buy yourself some more spins.

It can become relatively costly, so, make sure that it’s a worthwhile expense, but in case a player is only one number away from winning a significant prize, then, we recommend doing this.

In a situation where you only have to pay out less than £1, but you can win £20, for instance, then it would be a worthy sacrifice. Unfortunately, no guarantee purchasing extra spins will make sure that you can win, though it will increase your chances significantly.

As an alternative, it is a way to buy more spins of the reel; you can look out for games where you can make use of multipliers to increase the number of points you can accumulate. That won’t just increase your overall point score, but it’s the way you can win the more massive prizes. You can achieve this through direct multipliers, making use of power up’s and via playing mini-games which is contained within different rainbow riches slingo online sites.

The Special Symbols in Slingo

  • Joker: It can be shown as Joker or ‘J’.
  • Super Joker: Select any number on the entire grid to mark off
  • Free Spin: Slots players will get an extra free spin when this symbol appears.
  • Coin: An instant cash prize becomes available for players to win.
  • Devil: The Potential matches will be blocked on the screen whenever the Devil symbol appears.