Mega Moolah

Some frequently asked questions about the Mega Moolah game

What are some of the popular questions relating to the Mega Moolah game? We shall be shedding more lights to most the of the things you need to know about the mega moolah jackpot game.

Is the mega moolah jackpot game legit?

Yes, it is. The mega moolah game is legit. One of the world’s most popular jackpot slot was created 14 years ago (2006 to be precise) by Microgaming. The company is known to have strict rules as to who can earn the license to the mega moolah game.

Is mega moolah fake?

The game is indeed real in its entirety. It’s a jackpot slot that was created by Microgaming and remained till date, one of the largest and famous online casino game developer in the industry.

There are some illegal casinos and affiliates conduct in different manipulative/fake adverts and run social media campaigns taking advantage of Mega Moolah’s great name. Players can avoid these scams by going directly to the game’s site at, an internet platform designed to house all of the things you need to get started with the game – one that doesn’t run ad campaigns.

Why are the banned countries from where residents cannot play the mega moolah slot game?

Residents of any of the listed countries cannot play the game: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Denmark, Congo, Afghanistan, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Somalia, South Africa, United States of America, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Korea, Liberia, Italy, Libya, Eritrea.

It is important to note that the Microgaming-powered casinos may have additional restrictions on countries, which may not be highlighted above.

Does any casino (both onlien and land-based casino offer free spins on the mega moolah?

If a player ever sees “free spins,” or “no deposit” required offer, then the mega moolah is not real. The main purse this lies in the fact that a small percentage of every bet requires going into the progressive mega moolah jackpot pool. As a result, the game may only be played with real money. Asides that, casinos will not offer spins for free on any game in which the casino player without any deposit could win millions. It’s a realistic game, as natural as a lotto company randomly giving out free tickets.

Is mega moolah scam?

Mega moolah is not a scam, it has never been, and it isn’t. once in a while, the company gets angry emails from players who lose money and aren’t lucky enough to win a mega moolah. Their should lies in the fact that players rarely win. For instance, winning the mega moolah jackpot, which is worth millions of dollars, pounds, or euros, is often won be few and fortunate players. However, it offers decent odds compared to lotto, though it is difficult to beat.

A good reason for this lies in the fact that the jackpot bonus feature, an option that activates randomly. The bonus feature could be triggered at least ten times today, and none the next day. Rather than a button, what triggers the jackpot bonus at random is an electronic action.