Book of Dead

is it worth the hype, or is it a real deal?

Online slots have consistently covered the best part of every casino’s gaming catalogue. When the new game reaches the shelves of online gambling platforms, players usually run to it to see if it has any impressive features than the slots games they played in the past. Most times, the new slot doesn’t live up to the slots standards and expectations, fading to dust quickly.

But game developers can do a good job and create a slots game that can be a big boom in the online gambling industry. It’s what happened when the game developer, Play n Go launched the slots. In a short time, the game grew to one of the most known online places. In a short time, the game evolved into one of the most popular slots in the world. So, do you want to see why the Book of Dead is adored worldwide?

Book of Dead’s theme

One thing you’ll love about these types of games is the Ancient Egyptian theme they feature have always proven to be an incredible inspiration for all online slots developers. Also, Book of Dead is known to follow a character while he is hunting for a particular treasure through the Egypt-type ancient world. In simple terms, players take up the role of a treasure hunter, or to simply put, the role of an adventurer who is trying to find the secrets of the ancient tombs.

The slots game comes with one objective-the adventurer (in this case, the player) has one goal, to find the book in which the real secrets of the dead are hidden. With a bit of luck and a considerable amount of cash in your pocket for wagering, it is possible to unveil significant winnings in the game, prizes that are buried beneath the slots of gameplay.

According to experienced players, the Book of Dead owes its popularity to the classic slots designed by Novomatic, known as Book of Ra, the two slots games have a lot in common, storyline-wise, features, and of course, the theme. However, the Book of Dead slot is a far more improved video slot when compared to Book of Ra. So far so good, the Book of Dead is arguably superior to the Book of Ra due to the improved music, gaming interface and graphics.

Book of Dead – RTP

Asides from the RTP, Book of Dead, just like every other video slot, this particular slot oozes money-making opportunities. The places games have unique graphics, impressive themes, and theme songs. Right now, we aren’t saying that Book of Dead doesn’t fit or excel at these aspects, but there is something more which makes the slots so desirable, as well as the money-making potential. We’ve also highlighted that the game’s wild and scatter symbol can award players with a decent amount of money. Interestingly, the in-game free spins can also be an ideal source of potential income for anyone willing to invest time and effort.